Just a place

    Large pines, countless of unknown and strange plants, roads full of tree barks, hundreds of ponds and a clean little river where you can hear the singing of the wild birds and sometimes in the distance a deep wolf howl. In the mornings you can feel the soft cold breeze of air brushing by your face. Here breathing becomes a new experience. Each time you breath you can feel how the air fills each little space in your lungs and you notice a fresh-sweet fragrance coming from trees, the plants and the flowers around you. From here you can see in the distance some homes and the cathedrals of the nearer towns. However the thing I like most of here is that at last you can forget even for little moment about your tasks or duties.


One thought on “Just a place

  1. Very good reflection!! nice thinking!! yes we have to enjoy the amazing life and all that is around us. And P.S.: Something I forgot to tell you in my last comment is that I recomend you to put the “Clustre Map” in your blog as a new Widget. I think that is very motivating at least is was in that way to me. You will be able to see form where around (over) the world people is visiting your Blog. Enjoy it!!! And I wish you all the luck of the planet. And I guess you made a very good choice trying with WordPress since here you can put the “Follow” button as a Widget to, which is something you can not do in Eddublog but it’s ok I hope to have more visitors hehe byeeeeeeee Ta-ta for now =)

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